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Server Info & Rules
« on: December 17, 2017, 01:30:20 pm »
Drummer's Knife Only Server Info

Port: 25400
Password: PM administrators for it.
Slots: 14
Server is hosted by GSHost

Click here to join it!


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Re: Server Info & Rules
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2017, 02:33:12 pm »
    Server Rules & Conduct

    Before switching the basic set of rules I'd like to point out things that describe the purpose of this server.

    • This server is meant to be private.
    This means that players on this server have basic understanding of Soldat movement controls and, more importantly, are familiar with knife mechanics.
    If you are new player who opened Soldat for a first time, don't expect to get a password to the server instantly. This doesn't mean you are not welcomed to the server but take in mind that your game experience will be slightly better if you have played the game before for some time and these restrictions are made only for you and your game impression.
    • Everyone has equal rights and merits.
    Any player has the same rights and merits as other players do.
    • Ignorance does not absolve from responsibility.
    Explains itself.
    • If some situations aren't mentioned in rules, it doesn't mean you won't get punished - it is impossible to cover everything in the rules.
    No need to start an argument with administration if you got punished. Administrators are the ones who keep the server at the top quality and improving it. There must be a good reason if you got punished.
    • Respect and communication are the parts of a key to friendly and positive environment.

    These are basic things that every player should consider before joining game server in order to get the best experience without dragging yourself in problems with anyone.
    It's up to a player how to behave on server, but take in mind that you are putting yourself in a bigger risk of being punished by doing that. Consider taking a short break from game if you don't feel good.
    If you are following these regulations, you are always welcomed to the server and get any support from administration.

    General Server Rules

    • Hacking/cheating is not allowed.
    This results in permanent ban.
    • Bug/glitch/exploit abusing during a game is not allowed.
    This results in permanent ban.
    • Server is supposed to be a clan war server - join the spectator team if you are not participating in clan war.
    If you are playing on it and see that other player are ready to play a clan war, you have to join the spectators.
    Possible punishment: forced move to spectate, kick.
    • Offensive language is tolerated as long as any admin doesn't mind it.
    In-game flame is allowed as long as admin doesn't mind it - this rule goes more for being rude and offensive to players in those situations that are not related to the game, e.g. racism or personal attacks.
    Possible punishment: mutual warning, kick, mute.
    • Spamming is not allowed.
    Spamming private messages is also spamming. This should be considered lightly by the moderators, only excessive spamming.
    Possible punishment: mutual warning, kick.
    • Admin's decisions have to respected at all time.
    If you feel like the admin has made the wrong choice(s), please approach the situation in an appropriate way, for example by speaking to him/her in private. Discussing admin's decisions in public may lead you to a punishment.
    Possible punishment: mutual warning, kick.
    • Respect each other.

    Please note that mentioned punishments are only possible ones, administration has rights to ban you for a unknown period of time without providing you any evidence or explanations.
    All the active bans are mentioned in the specified topic where players are free to appeal it.

    This section will be updated..
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