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Forum Rules
« on: December 17, 2017, 05:34:03 am »
This is a general list of the rules you should follow when posting here. Some portions of them will be explained in italics.

General Rules

1. Use common sense and be considerate. There is not a place for flamewars and verbal attacking.

This one includes:

  • over-abundant swearing
  • directed abuse
  • consecutive disregard for forum rules
  • spamming
  • racism, nacism and all bad stuff that ends in 'ism
  • any verbal attack aimed at any player or clan, also presenting someone as a bad example

2. Create your post/topic in appropriate sections! It also counts for your questions,suggestions and problems encountered.
Each post/topic must be there where it has to be, even in the Off Topic section.

3. Posting anything concerned with hacks and cheats is NOT ALLOWED. Neither is any kind of advertisement.

4. Do not post direct links to executable files.
Staff members may remove these links to protect users from potentially malicious downloads.

5. Post in English Only.
We know it is hard for some people,so try your best.

Explains itself.

7. No "weird" forum names
Please use your own "signature" nicknames.

8. Admin is always right - so accept any decision he makes towards you.


  • Mutual warning
  • 1 day mute OR ban
  • 2 week ban
  • Permament ban

This is a standard queue. In some cases, staff members can apply punishment without even warning you.
Remember that admin/mod is always right; you better don't argue with them.

These rules may be modified or expanded at any given time. It is your own duty to keep up with them.
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